"Learning About Your Neighborhood," Bulletin Board Activity

.Grace Robinson
"Learning About Your Neighborhood," Bulletin Board Activity

"Learning About Your Neighborhood," Bulletin Board Activity

At Southern Ocean Preschool in Manahawkin, New Jersey, they created a bulletin board focused on helping the students learn all about their neighborhood!

They put pictures of the kids in adorable drawings of cards the students had made and the class helped design the buildings along the streets for the bulletin board. The class talked about a number of subjects regarding their neighborhood and had a fantastic time learning about it!

Subjects to Discuss When Learning About the Neighborhood

Southern Ocean Preschool split everything into an assortment of categories that made learning about the neighborhood fun.

They discussed the following subjects:

  • Where is Your Neighborhood?

What neighborhood each student lived within.

  • What is Your Favorite Place in Your Neighborhood?

Students said what their favorite location was within their neighborhood. Answers ranged from stores to restaurants and parks!

  • Who Are the Important People in Your Neighborhood?

The students talked about how people such as doctors, firefighters, and teachers were important members of their neighborhood.

Also the Pre-K children created their own personal neighborhood maps to go along with their neighborhood theme.

Southern Ocean Preschool


Manahawkin, NJ, United States


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"Learning About Your Neighborhood," Bulletin Board Activity
March 16, 2020
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