A fun game with popsicle sticks

Gaby Aguirre
A fun game with popsicle sticks

Hi, dear teachers.

My name is Gaby and I teach English to children and teens and today I want to share with you a speaking activity that I created inspired by the game: Bang!

The game is like follows: Children have to choose a popsicle stick, which has a question that they have to answer or a topic they have to talk about. If they answer correctly they will keep the stick. If they don't they put it back into the box or bag where they got it from. If they take a stick with the word BANG they have to put all the sticks they have won at the moment into the box/bag.

I customize the popsicle sticks like this:

1. I chose a color for each tense (Cause I created it to review grammar tenses). In each stick, it is written a statement in the grammar tense that represents. For example, Red popsicles are for Simple Present; an example statement is: Talk about your habits or daily routine.

In my case, I found colored popsicle sticks in the store and I just had to write the statement on each one of them. But it can also be done with ordinary popsicle sticks and write on them with colored markers, or paint one of the tips with a certain color.

A fun game with popsicle sticks

2. I chose a color for a certain type of challenge which is related to vocabulary, pronunciation, reading skills, or maths. In each stick, there is a different one. With these sticks, students actually put them back in the box if they don't complete the task. (You could set a timer to make it more challenging).

My students loved the game. The first day I presented it to them, they wanted to play it the whole class time. It was a success.

I hope you find this resource useful. Feel free to comment and leave any suggestions.

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A fun game with popsicle sticks
October 6, 2021
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