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Fine Motor Broom Sticks

Fine Motor Broom Sticks

This is a fine motor activity that requires the following supplies:

Supplies: Construction paper,pipe cleaners, scissors and beads

Start off by cutting strips of yellow construction paper about 2 inches wide. Then take the 2 inch strips and cut them so they are about 3x2. Take the 3 x 2 inches of yellow construction paper then cut strips across the 3 inches. This will leave it looking like a straw broomstick bottom. Be sure to leave a leaving a small amount on top uncut approximately half an inch.

Roll the yellow paper up so that it looks like the bottom of a broom take a pipe cleaner and wrap it so it holds on the uncut portion and leave a long portion on top.

With the long portion have students string beads on the broom stick then take the final two inches and loop a small circle and wrap the extra underneath to make sure the beads don't fall off.

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Fine Motor Broom Sticks
October 28, 2022
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