Color Matching/Fine Motor Skills

Color Matching/Fine Motor Skills

Color Matching/Fine Motor Skills

The kids each have their own alligator pincher. They pick up small, colored manipulatives by using the alligator pincher and putting it in the correct color cup. I tell my class "Use your pincher, not your fingers to pick up the pieces." They enjoy working together to fill the colored cups. Sometimes I have to remind them to work together and not keep a cup to themselves. If they are able to put all their pieces in the correct colored cups, they can get a prize (which is a piece of candy). Then I have them empty the cups onto the two trays and start over. I have them make sure that both trays have a few of each color on them. As they are working on this, I walk around and watch to see how each child holds the alligator pincher. This allows them children to work on their fine motor skills, color matching, and working together. I remind them that they are working together as a group.

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Color Matching/Fine Motor Skills
January 13, 2022
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