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Spider Web Fine Motor Activity

.Emily Davis
Spider Web Fine Motor Activity

This is an excellent experience to develop fine motor skills. The sensory bin is filled with spiders, yarn to create the web, and tweezers/tongs a the tool to remove the spiders into the cauldron.

The children had to concentrate on keeping the tweezers/tongs in between the web and pull up gently so that they don’t drop the spider or get it caught on the yarn.

By using tweezers to pick up the spiders the children used their finger muscles to squeeze the tweezers in order to pick up each spider. This fine motor skill activity helps strengthen the children’s hands for pencil grasp.


Peter Pan Schools

"The children had moments where they realized it wasn’t as easy as they thought it would be. Which had the children get focused and formulate new strategies on holding the tweezers/tongs together tightly while bringing the spider back up out of the web"

Crossroads Preschool BCPS
Beach Babies Learning Center, LLC

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Spider Web Fine Motor Activity
October 29, 2019
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