Abstract Art with Black Glue and Water Colours

Shelley Terpstra
Abstract Art with Black Glue and Water Colours


- white glue in glue bottles-prefer small

- black tempra paint

- water colour paint-red, blue, yellow

- paint brushes

- white water colour or card stock paper cut to any size

- the child’s imagination and creativity


1.Add black liquid tempura paint to white glue in small glue bottle.

2. Allow child to make own design on paper. Allow to dry.

3. Once glue is dry let child paint with water colour over glue design.

Use red, blue and yellow water colours or let child choose paint colour.

I like to use the small glue bottles to encourage creating designs they are easier for children to manage. Some children will enjoy making glue puddles and that is okay.

You could use different colours of tempra paint but I find the black is a nice contrast with the water colour. You could also have child paint with tempra paint but I find the water colour goes on thinner where the tempra paint is thicker and may cover the black design.

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Abstract Art with Black Glue and Water Colours
March 24, 2023
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