Mixing primary colours

Su Ling Tay
Mixing primary colours

Mixing primary colours

We did a simple activity to introduce primary and secondary colors.

Firstly, we added the primary colors (red, yellow, blue) food coloring to 3 cups of water respectively. We gave the child a dropper and told him to fill up the ice cube tray with the colored water. This is great for fine motor practice and train them in their precision, and focus. Thereafter, we leave the tray in the freezer overnight to freeze them into ice cubes.

The next day, we placed the ice cubes into different muffin liners - total of 6 liners. First liner with two red colored ice cubes, second liner with one red and one yellow ice cubes, third liner with two yellow colored ice cubes, fourth liner with one yellow and one blue ice cubes, fifth liner with two blue colored ice cubes and the last liner with one blue and one red ice cubes. A dropper was given to the child to add water into the muffin liners and see how the colors were mixed.

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Mixing primary colours
April 25, 2022
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