Color-Mixing Activity For Kids

Color-Mixing Activity For Kids

Color-Mixing Activity For Kids

At The Learning Experience (Palm Beach Gardens, the children learned about how when primary colors are combined they create secondary colors. They were informed about how blue and red make purple, red and yellow make orange, and that yellow and blue make green. After learning about this they practiced mixing paint to create secondary colors and witnessed the creation of green when blue and yellow paint were added together!

Do your own color-mixing for fun!

You can engage in your own color-mixing activities by simply having yellow, red, and/or blue paint. As long as you have two of these primary colors you can combine them to make a secondary color. This is a fantastic hands-on way to help children learn about primary and secondary colors as they witness secondary colors being created before their own eyes.

Source for photos: The Learning Experience (Palm Beach Gardens)

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Color-Mixing Activity For Kids
November 13, 2020
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