Three Fun Color Mixing Activities

Three Fun Color Mixing Activities

Three Fun Color Mixing Activities

At The Tot Spot Concord, they have been learning all about colors. One amazing thing colors do is mix together in fantastic ways (red and blue make purple, for example! To help the children learn about how colors can mix together, this lesson was incorporated into three different fun activities.

Water solution mixing

The kiddos mixed waters that had been dyed different colors and watched how combining these different colors made fascinating new ones!

Watercoloring painting

The little ones had so much fun doing watercolor painting and watching as the various colors they put on their paper mixed and mingled.

Baking soda and vinegar color mixing

One activity everyone enjoyed was pouring baking soda into various colorful circles of vinegar and watching as the solution bubbled up and mixed colors with the other solutions next to the baking pan circles. All of these color mixing activities were great fun and quite educational!

Source for photos: The Tot Spot Concord and this link, plus this link too.

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Three Fun Color Mixing Activities
September 8, 2021
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