Activity Ideas for Children Under 1 Year Old

.Chloe Thompson
Activity Ideas for Children Under 1 Year Old

Activity Ideas for Children Under 1 Year Old

At Estrellitas Montessori School they know that just because kids might be very young that doesn't mean they have to miss out on all kinds of fun! They recently did a number of fun activities for their littlest students who were under the age of 1.

Sensory Toys

As can be seen at the top of this post and right here, playing with sensory toys is great fun for young kids. Whether they are feeling hard and smooth rocks (under supervision so they don't eat them) or touching soft dolls, sensory toys are wonderful for exploration.

Jello Sensory Bin

This sensory bin is made out of Jello, which thanks to being safe to eat is okay for little hands to touch--especially as babies will often then put their hands in their own mouths!

Simple Puzzles

Puzzles with very large pieces that are easy to grab and match the pieces of work spectacularly for the youngest students at a school.

Simple Stacking

Much like simple puzzles, having stacking toys that are straightforward and simple is wise for infants.

Scooping and Dumping Peas

Practicing using a spoon to scoop and dump peas is a lovely fine motor skill to build-up. Plus, by using peas they are safe if the children try to put their mouth on anything/eat a pea.

Source for photos: Estrellitas Montessori School

Activity Ideas for Children Under 1 Year Old
August 8, 2020
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