Seed Mosaic Apple Theme Craft

Katie Hays
Seed Mosaic Apple Theme Craft

Seed Mosaic Apple Theme Craft

Dear associates, with help from the children, each year in the Autumn we decorate the classroom with apples using our own hands. This year it was suggested that the children make a collage of melon seeds on an apple. As always, I am reluctant to throw away seeds from any melon because so much beauty can be made from them.

Seed Mosaic

These seed mosaics would be great for creative little ones! And ideal for developing fine motor skills too.

I always admire the children as they work and enjoy taking pictures of them as they do. I am also glad that the children have grown up and are not afraid of difficult tasks grasping at everything offered to them. However, I cannot say that the patterns are easy for them to lay out, but the children have managed quickly and accurately. Not a single apple repeats itself!

Our beautiful apples

All of the children tried very hard! And now our apples decorate the wall in our classroom!

Thanks very much for your attention!

Apple Template

Free Apple Template

Seed Mosaic Apple Theme Craft
August 5, 2019
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