Bear theme and activity

Jenny Hartnup
Bear theme and activity

We are learning about bears next week. I would like the kids to work on numbers, letters, quantity and other things. The kids will be learning about all different types of bears, where they live and how the eat and survive. I will read books on bears and we will do a know, want to know and learned activity. I will be using the worksheets for home work or small group.

I will be reading

The Bear Snores On

Goldie Locks and the Three Bears

Brown Bear Brown Bear

Panda Bear

There are no Bears in the Bakery

The Bear Ate your Sandwich

B is for Bear



Were going on a bear hunt.

Jessie Bear What will you Wear?

We will go on a bear hunt. The students will do activities with counting bears. We will do a gummy bear dance. I will change the room to look like a bear cave. For show and tell the students can bring in their own bear. The kids will have fun. Hopefully they will gain some knowledge

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Bear theme and activity
January 12, 2021
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