Predators and Prey Camp Theme: Bear Craft

Emma Johnson
Predators and Prey Camp Theme: Bear Craft

Predators and Prey Camp Theme: Bear Craft

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At Mini Mozarts School LLC in Vancouver, Washington they started off their themed week of predators and prey in their, "Camp," with the preschool students learning about bears! " If you want to make some of the crafts here is how to do it.

"We had a grrrrrrrreat time!"
Mini Mozarts Preschool, LLC - Vancouver, Washington

Bear Claws

  1. You will need a brown paper bag, pieces of construction paper (we use purple) and glue.
  2. Glue the pieces of construction paper onto the brown paper bag at the the edge of the bag.
  3. You now have a big grizzly bear-claw, Roar!

Fork-Painted Bear Craft

  • Get a metal or plastic fork, some brown paint, a piece of construction paper (any color but brown, glue, and some googly eyes plus pieces of brown construction paper.
  • Have you preschooler put paint on their fork and spread it around the page until they have made a bear-shape.
  • Glue the pieces of brown construction paper onto your bear to make its ears.
  • Glue the googly eyes onto the bear to be its eyes.
  • Proudly display it in your classroom!

Wooden Bear

1. For this activity you need some wood slices (they can be found at many craft stores) of various sizes, glue, and then any other kind of random craft supply you want--buttons, marbles, pieces of plastic, anything!

2. Help your preschool students put the various-sized wood slices together to make the shape of a bear's head.

3. Have your preschoolers glue whatever pieces they like onto the head to make the, "Face," of their bear.

4. You made a wooden bear!


10 Bear Facts for Preschoolers

While you are doing these fun crafts you can teach your preschool students these 10 bear facts:

  1. Bears are carnivores (sometimes omnivores).
  2. Polar bears are the biggest land predator on Earth.
  3. Sun bears are the smallest kind of bear.
  4. Polar bears have black skin beneath their fur
  5. There are 8 different species of bears total.
  6. Tigers and humans are bears only natural threat.
  7. Bears live an average of 25 years.
  8. Bears don’t go potty when they hibernate.
  9. A grizzly bear's bite is strong enough to crush a bowling ball.
  10. 60% of the polar bears in the World are found in Canada.


BEAR Printable Coloring Page

Bear Printable Coloring Page

Predators and Prey Camp Theme: Bear Craft
August 20, 2019
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