Fun Craft Activities for Centers with a Nature Theme

Fun Craft Activities for Centers with a Nature Theme

Fun Craft Activities for Centers with a Nature Theme

At Mother's Morning Out Preschool, they did a variety of fun craft activities at their centers which were themed for nature. The children had so much fun doing various crafts and the assortment kept things fresh and exciting.

Bird nest craft

The kiddos used construction paper to make a scene of birds in a nest. They glued various colors and shapes together to create their scene of the baby birds!

Abstract nature scene

Students used watercolor paints and pieces of construction paper they glued onto their large canvas to create an abstract scene of nature. Some students wanted to make a forest, others an ocean, and some a desert. They all had fun using their creativity to have the shapes and colors represent animals and nature.

Paper plate fish

All the children took a paper plate, cut one end out, glued it to the other side, and then admired how it looked a bit like a fish. To complete the, "Look," of the craft they then used paint daubers to make their fish quite colorful. It was a great day of nature-themed crafts at the centers!

Source for photos: Mother's Morning Out Preschool

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Fun Craft Activities for Centers with a Nature Theme
November 17, 2021
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