Innovative Nature-Based Portraits Craft

Innovative Nature-Based Portraits Craft

Innovative Nature-Based Portraits Craft

At Marblehead Children's Center, they learned all about artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Arcimboldo is famous for creating portraits of people made out of things like fruit, roots, vegetables, and other pieces of nature! The children learned about other artists too such as Jean-Michel Basquiat who is famous for creating innovative portraits a well. After learning about all these artists the kids used whatever they could find outside to make their own creative and non-traditional portraits.

Nature-based portraits

The children used everything from leaves to twigs and grasses in order to make great nature creations!

All of the children loved using their creativity to make portraits that looked just like them but were fully made out of nature (and glue they painted on to make everything stick).

This is a fantastic activity to do in the Fall as the Summer heat subsides and trees start to shed their leaves, resulting in many colorful options for this fun portrait craft!

Source for photos: Marblehead Children's Center

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Innovative Nature-Based Portraits Craft
September 10, 2020
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