Picasso-Style Portraits for Preschool

.Ava Jones
Picasso-Style Portraits for Preschool

Picasso was a famous cubist-style painter known for making abstract works of art. His portraits of himself and others continue to garner praise decades since his passing.

In Durand Elementary's Art class in Durand, Illinois, the students were encouraged to make their own Picasso-style self-portraits through drawing, painting, and mixed-media!

This week, we continued our studies moving to the Cubist-style of Picasso Portraits.

Durand Elementary Art
Durand, Illinois

Preschool Art: Picasso Portraits

How to Do Picasso-Style Portraits

1. Talk with students about, "Cubism," is a way that is not too technical (it needs to be easy for a preschooler to understand). Discuss how Cubism is a style of art that focuses on taking things, "Apart," and really thinking about their shapes and then showing them that way. For example, we often think of our eyes as being like circles--a cubist artist would therefore make an eye a literal circle-shape, sharp and clear. Show students a number of Picasso's portraits to help them get a clear idea.

2.With the way cubism works in mind have students make their own Picasso-style self-portrait using markers, paint, and any mixed-media objects you can provide to help make the Cubist-style even more apparent.

3. Once the students are done encourage them to talk about what they did to make their art look cubist (e.g. if they used lots of shapes and angles).

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Picasso-Style Portraits for Preschool
September 18, 2019
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