Making Self-Portraits Over Zoom

Making Self-Portraits Over Zoom

Making Self-Portraits Over Zoom

One activity that is always fun to do with students is making self-portraits. It can help students to develop better self-esteem by drawing and emphasizing their favorite aspects of themselves. Plus, making self-portraits is a great activity to do if you are needing to teach over Zoom due to health reasons or a snow day! At Ivanetta H. Davis Early Learning Center they did self-portraits over Zoom and the kids loved the activity!

Expressing oneself as a portrait

The children had a fantastic time drawing/painting themselves and then taking turns sharing their portraits over Zoom. They talked about why they drew themselves in the manner they did and what feature they like the most of themselves--e.g. "I like my nose!" It was a stellar art activity and a great self-esteem booster.

Source for photos: Ivanetta H. Davis Early Learning Center

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Making Self-Portraits Over Zoom
January 12, 2021
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