Making Pixel Drawings Over Zoom

Making Pixel Drawings Over Zoom

Making Pixel Drawings Over Zoom

At San Francisco Pacific Academy they did a very fun art activity over Zoom! The kids made pixel drawings as a group on the video call. It was a stellar way to develop motor skills and everyone's concentration as they filled in individual squares in order and then showed-off their creations to the group!

Pixel-Focused Fun Over Zoom!

This was a great group activity that allowed everyone to be, "Together," even though they were safely apart for social distancing. The pixel-theme was also fun and reminded the children of video-games, such as the kind they would play on their computers! Everyone had a great time making pixel-based images and it kept their attention thanks to being great fun while also developing motor skills!

Source for photos: San Francisco Pacific Academy

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Making Pixel Drawings Over Zoom
September 30, 2020
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