Dandelion Still Life Chalk Drawings

Dandelion Still Life Chalk Drawings

Dandelion Still Life Chalk Drawings

At Elemeno Preschool, they did still life drawings of dandelions that the class studied and then used chalk to replicate it on their construction paper.

Drawing and learning a poem

As they drew the dandelions the children also learned a fun poem about them. It went:

"Dandelion fluff

Floats on a breeze

Tickles my nose and makes me sneeze

Some see a wish

Some see a weed

Some see a medicine for those in need"

It was a lovely poem and the children enjoyed reciting it as they worked on their chalk drawings.

Creating beautiful artwork

The kids made some gorgeous dandelions with their drawing skills. They really liked seeing how the chalk could create the, "Look," of dandelions and their fluff!

Source for photos: Elemeno Preschool

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Dandelion Still Life Chalk Drawings
May 21, 2021
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