Collaborative Chalk Art Activity

Collaborative Chalk Art Activity

Collaborative Chalk Art Activity

Chalk is such a fun medium to work with. It can create bright and colorful pieces of artwork on the sidewalk or street that then wash away with the rain--making it okay to spread it all over public spaces without worrying about it causing a problem. At Sprout Childcare, they did a collaborative chalk art activity where all the kids teamed up to make some of their own creations and group-work art pieces that everyone contributed to!

Beautiful works of art

The students all made such beautiful works of art. They drew friends, family, made outlines around one another, and otherwise had a fantastic time as they drew individually and together. Having your students work as a group to create beautiful chalk images is a great Summer activity to get everyone out enjoying the weather and being creative!

Source for photos: Sprout Childcare

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Collaborative Chalk Art Activity
July 5, 2021
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