Chalk ice paintsicles

Alice barbero
Chalk ice paintsicles

The children will use the plastic strainers to grate the chalks into plastic After grating the chalks the children put the ground chalk inside the ice cube trays and added water and sticks and they were refrigerated for the next Next day. The next day the ice cube chalks were ready, the teacher set up the table with papers and the ice cube trays.

Chalk ice paintsicles

After some time the Ice cubes began to melt.

Bennett : “the ice cubes are melting”

Teacher: “ why do you think is melting?”

Bennett: I don’t know “

Jackson: “ it’s hot”

Arianna: maybe we can make more.

Gwendolyn: it’s because they were over here too long.”


This ice chalk activity is a perfect example of how artistic exploration and sensory play can often go hand in hand It’s also a great example of process vs product, what is impotrans is that we offer an activity that becomes 3 different ones; grating the chalks(fine motor, painting with the ice cubes(art and creativity) exploring and learning about melting process(science, language)

Children use fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, language, solving problem skills,math and science and creative expression as they paint with colorful ice cubes.

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Chalk ice paintsicles
August 21, 2021
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