Playing, "Twister," With Sidewalk Chalk

.Victoria Garcia
Playing, "Twister," With Sidewalk Chalk

Playing, "Twister," With Sidewalk ChalkTeacher Alison Bancroft (@prekwithalib) tweeted about how two students at Mountain View School in Mount Olive, New Jersey, had a bunch of fun playing a game of, "Twister," they created themselves with Sidewalk chalk!They did it to promote fitness and creativity. You can do this at home for fun as well!

Make Your Own Game of "Twister"

You can create your own game of Twister with sidewalk chalk too. You can model it after a regular, "Twister," board and then use the spinner from the game, or create your own custom version and have someone call-out the colors such as, "Right-hand yellow," or, "Left-foot red." All you need is sidewalk chalk and an understanding of how to play the classic game, "Twister."Photo Source: Alison Bancroft

Playing, "Twister," With Sidewalk Chalk
May 22, 2020
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