3 Different Zoom Scavenger Hunts

3 Different Zoom Scavenger Hunts

Zoom Scavengers Hunts

Below are three different Zoom-based Scavenger Hunts that you can do in the home with your child and then share with other participants via Zoom!

Scavenger Hunt 2

Zoom Scavengers Hunts
To print these pictures simply click on each desired picture and then print it once it loads at its full-size!

For this scavenger hunt you need to find:

  1. A clean/unused sock
  2. A red item
  3. A pen
  4. A shoe that goes on the right foot
  5. A soft and cuddly toy
  6. Something that is round
  7. A sheet of toilet paper
  8. A piece of any kind of fruit
  9. Anything that starts with the letter M
  10. Something that is green
  11. An item that is rectangular
  12. A book
  13. A picture of a person you love
  14. A hairbrush or comb

Scavenger Hunt 3

Zoom Scavengers Hunts
Simply click on the desired picture for it to open at full-size, then print it!

This scavenger hunt is animal-themed!

To do it you need to find the following:

  1. A book that has a picture of an animal upon the cover
  2. A toy that has a tail like an animal
  3. Clothing that has the image of an animal painted upon it (socks, t-shirt, pajamas, so forth)
  4. An item that is the same color as a crocodile (greenish and brownish)
  5. An item with the same first letter as a monkey (M)
  6. Something that is narrow and long like a snake (a belt or ruler, for example)
  7. Something that is fluffy like a rabbit
  8. An item that has black and white colors like a Zebra
  9. Something that is prickly like a hedgehog (a comb or brush, for example)
  10. Something with a fun animal pattern that you pick

Scavenger Hunt 4

Zoom Scavengers Hunts
Simply click on the desired picture for it to open at full-size, then print it!

For this scavenger hunt, it is themed for items that all can be found indoors--great for a rainy day!

The items you need to find for it are:

  1. A fork
  2. Something that is red
  3. A tissue box
  4. Three different objects that have wheels
  5. One orange crayon
  6. Something that is very soft
  7. One band-aid or similar bandage
  8. A key
  9. Two matching socks
  10. An item that is round
  11. A sticker or something sticky
  12. A rubber band
  13. A pair of glasses or a magnifying glass
  14. An envelope

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3 Different Zoom Scavenger Hunts
April 13, 2020
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