Zoom Scavenger Hunt to Do With Preschoolers

Zoom Scavenger Hunt to Do With Preschoolers

Zoom Scavenger Hunt

When talking with preschoolers over Zoom it can be discussed how we all have fun and interesting things in our house.

To illustrate how much cool, "Stuff," is in our homes you can do a Zoom scavenger hunt which is focused on finding an assortment of objects in each preschooler's home they can then talk about (such as why it fits the criteria of the scavenger hunt, and enjoy seeing what other objects their friends find!

Suggestions For Your Zoom Scavenger Hunt List

You can use some of these suggestions for your scavenger hunt list and also come-up with you own:

  1. Find something red and small.
  2. Find your favorite toy.
  3. Find something that starts with the letter C.
  4. Find something you eat that's salty.
  5. Find something with multiple numbers on it.
  6. Find something that makes you happy to look at.
  7. Find something heavier than your shoe but light enough to easily pick-up.
  8. Find something round and smooth.
  9. Find something longer than your hand but shorter than your whole arm.
  10. Find something that comes in a box.

and whatever else you can think of to do for your scavenger hunt!

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Zoom Scavenger Hunt to Do With Preschoolers
April 7, 2020
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