20 Scavenger Hunt Games to Play at Home

20 Scavenger Hunt Games to Play at Home

20 Scavenger Hunt Games to Play at Home

The following are activities children can around the house. Some children may need assistance writing down their answers.  Once time children are done with the activity they can put it into a journal/notebook. They can could also glue the page into a notebook. Have fun!

Julie Scully

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Scavenger Hunt Journal

  • Scavenger Hunt Journal. Around the House
  • For two minutes make a list of things you see around a room in your house. Use the back if you need more room.
  • What did you Smell?  Put a few scents into a bag and try to guess what you smelled
  • Pick a room in the house, see if you can find things that start letters of the alphabet.
  • Pick up a dictionary. Close you eyes and open the dictionary. Use your pointer finger to find a word. Write your pointer finger to find the definition. You learned a new word of the day. Repeat three times.
  • Looking for Colors. Look around the house and find something that has the following colors. 
  • What's in the Bag? Put objects in a bag. Then close your eyes and reach and feel an object. Then put the object behind your back then write down three clues how your object felt. Then reach and get your object  and see if you are correct. Repeat several times.
  • Look out the Window. Look out a window and make a list of things you saw.
  • A trip to the Kitchen.  Pretend to go grocery shopping and make a list of food you might buy at the store or what you might want to buy.
  • Can you find items or objects around the house that are the shapes below.
  • How Many Words? Write down as many words as you can using the following words: Around the House
  • Around the House. Look around the house for the following items. Make a checkmark next to the object if you find it.
  • Close Your Eyes. Close your eyes for a minute and then make a list of things you heard. This activity can be done inside or outside.
  • Numbers Everywhere
  • Looking With Your Eyes
  • Looking With Opposites
  • Extra!
  • What Comes in 2's?
  • Where Can You Find
  • What's in my Box?
  • What's in my Name?

20 Scavenger Hunt Games to Play at Home
May 15, 2020
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