Weather Theme For Preschool: Cloud Activities

.Ava Jones
Weather Theme For Preschool: Cloud Activities

Clouds are fascinating! They float up high in the sky and are made up of water vapor. When clouds have too much water in them of course they rain!

At The Bedford Learning Center at St Matthew's School in Bedford, New York they simulated precipitation in one activity and learned about types of clouds for another!

Precipitation Simulation

When a cloud gets too full of water--also known as precipitation--it rains! This activity simulates just that. Students put shaving-cream at the top of a glass, making sure they fill the top-half so it fits snugly. Then they add drops of blue food coloring until the shaving cream gets so full it, "Rains." This is a great way to simulate precipitation for preschool students in an easy-to-understand style.

Types of Clouds

There are a number of types of clouds, with certain major kinds and a lot of minor variations. This activity focuses on kinds of clouds that are either less-full of precipitation or about to rain. Students can simulate this by taking cotton balls and gluing them to their sheet of paper--then adding blue or black food-dye to simulate how full (or not full) or precipitation their various clouds are!

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Weather Theme For Preschool: Cloud Activities
September 26, 2019
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