Water theme preschool

Tincu Monica
Water theme preschool

Water theme preschool

We talked about the water cicle, about oceans and seas, why we need water, the water transformations. We watch the ice melt, now we know that water boild at 100 degrees, we also made en experiment to see how rain falls.

Children now know that there are 5 oceans on our planet, which is the biggest and the.smallest, what does Pacific mean.

They loved the experiment with water (the air, the shaving cream (the cloud) and the.blue colour added in order to watch the "rain" falling. We loved the story of Sinbad the sailor.

We also talked about pirates, we painted the treasure, we played with dough.

Finally we made a diorama of water cycle and we played with the paper pirates and ships.

We loved this theme and hopefully the next time we will learn more interesting things.

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Water theme preschool
March 15, 2022
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