Apples & Where They Come From! Preschool Theme Worksheets

Sara Smith
Apples & Where They Come From! Preschool Theme Worksheets

Apples & Where They Come From! Preschool Theme Worksheets

This worksheets will give you lots of ideas for your preschool apple theme.

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Apple Ten Frames Worksheet

Fill in the ten frames to match the numbers on the apples. Read the number and used crayons to color the ten frame to match.

Parts of an apple Worksheet

Color the parts of an apple. Color The skin red. Color the seeds brown. Color the leaf green. Color the stem brown.

Apple picking worksheet.

Can you find: ten apples, an anchor, an axe, an acorn, an apron and an ant?

Letter find worksheet

Circle every letter A uppercase and count them.

Letter A. Apple Search Worksheet

The letters that spell-out the word, "Apple," are among a bunch of extra letters on the tree branch. Have students circle the correct letters and then practice tracing the word, "Apple,"

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Preschool theme “Apples & where they come from!”

It's been a busy last few weeks but we've learned so much about and taste tested so many apple recipes. mmm!

Diaper Gang Home Daycare (Champaign, Illinois)

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Apples & Where They Come From! Preschool Theme Worksheets
August 13, 2019
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