Arctic Animals Theme for Preschool

.Emily Davis
Arctic Animals Theme for Preschool

Arctic Animals Theme for Preschool

At The Learning Post in Standish, Maine they started their Arctic animals theme at the beginning of this month and the students have been loving it!

All kinds of fun things have been done for the theme!

Reading About Polar Bears

One day was spent during circle-time talking about Polar Bears and reading a story all about them! It was discussed where they live, what kinds of things they eat, and their characteristics (white fur, big black noses, how they are good swimmers, and more!

Play-Doh Activities

After reading all about Polar Bears the class followed-up by making their own out of Play-Doh as well as making habitats for other Arctic animals!

Painting Polar Bears

The students made portraits of Polar Bears which they were excited to take home to their parents!

Arctic Sensory Table

One of the days the class filled their sensory table with Instant Snow. Everyone was amazed as they watched the snow form when the water was slowly added to the table. The kids loved how cold it was!

ABC Cards

The class also engaged in some table-time activities where they used Polar Bear-themed mini-erasers as well as ABC cards. The students had to find and then cover all of the letters that matched with the other corresponding ones that were on the cards as well!

It was a great activity for fine motor development plus letter recognition skill-building.

Some of these circle time routines were used in an activity where everybody sang about the sounds each letter makes when pronounced.

The Learning Post
Standish, ME, United States

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Arctic Animals Theme for Preschool
January 7, 2020
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