Arctic Science Center

.Charlotte Moore
Arctic Science Center

Arctic Science Center

You don't have to be in the Arctic to have an Arctic science center! That is clear by the fantastic one built by Southern Ocean Preschool in Manahawkin, New Jersey where the students in the Pre-K class had all kinds of fun!

To kick-off the New Year the kids used the Arctic science center so that they could investigate ice, snow, and of course Arctic animals.

Science Center Activities

The activities included studying illustrate snowflakes up-close with a magnifying glass, building snowflakes out of Lego blocks, reading books themed for the cold weather, and toy figures of animals found in the Arctic students could play with!

The students also did their own, "Ice and Snow," journal where they could practice writing words such as, "snowflake," or, "Ice," and draw their own beautiful illustrations of icicles and snowflakes.

The Arctic science center was very popular with the students in the Pre-K room and allowed them to have a lot of fun while learning!

Southern Ocean Preschool
Manahawkin, NJ, United States

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Arctic Science Center
January 10, 2020
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