Cactus craft for flower theme

Cactus craft for flower theme

It was a craft for preschool kids on flower theme activities. The pupils will do this craft just by using the things around them like flower, colour paper, glue, water colour and so on. The student were enjoyed doing this project. This project based activities (PBL) increase pupils interest towards studying. The parents involvement into this activity also very good. As a teacher i'm so happy with my pupils participations in studies. The pupils also can learn easily abot flower names, chaeacteristics and so on by doing this kind of activities. This activity also could increase pupils fine motor skill. It helps to improve pupils eye and hand coordination. By doing this kind of art and craft pupils can involve fully. The pupils also can learn faster. This cactus craft made pupils to think creatively. The relationship between pupils and parent become more stronger.

Cactus craft for flower theme
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Cactus craft for flower theme
September 22, 2021
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