Insect Theme - Popsicles Craft

Insect Theme - Popsicles Craft

Insect Theme - Popsicles CraftThis time we shall make some cute dragonfly or butterflies. If u wanted to make other insects,. May browse through internet, they are many examples that u can follow. Things to prepare to make a dragonfly include: buttons, googly eyes, popsicles, crayon / paint, poms poms, chenille stems twist wire rods. Things to prepare for butterflies: Art paper, crayon, chenille stems twist wire rods, googly eyes, popsicles sticks, twist tieAfter enjoy outdoor activities searching for different insect, may stay indoor with your kids to perform this simple art, I hope that they wil enjoy making it. Frame it up after done!

Insect Theme - Popsicles Craft
April 10, 2020
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