Insect Sensory Bins

Insect Sensory Bins

Insect Sensory Bins

At The Curious Child, they made insect sensory bins and the kids loved them! They took some plastic tubs, added in fake grass made out of shimmery paper, and threw some big toy bugs in there too. The children loved digging in the bins and finding insects they then identified and talked about with their classmates and teachers.

Sensory fun

It was great fun for the kids as they rooted around in the faux-grass and found an assortment of bugs. The class discussed the different kinds of insects that exist from those with wings to kinds that simply crawl along. The class also learned how some things we think are insects actually are not. For example, spiders are, in fact, arachnids! Nature is so fascinating and these sensory tubs were a great way to explore it!

Source for photos: The Curious Child

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Insect Sensory Bins
November 23, 2020
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