Insect Matching Activity for Young Children

Insect Matching Activity for Young Children

Insect Matching Activity Printable

This matching activity is designed to help young children identify what kinds of insects fly and which do not.

There is a sheet titled, "Flying Insects," and one sheet titled, "Non-Flying Insects." These two sheets are accompanied by two other sheets that have four insects upon each sheet (eight total). This results in there being four sheets, two for the matching and two with the insects! This insect matching activity can be incorporated into a unit about insects and is a great way to discuss how some fly and some do not fly. Four insects go upon each sheet, meaning that half gon on the, "Flying Insects," sheet and half go on the, "Non-Flying Insects," sheet too. By laminating these sheets and then cutting the individual insects out this activity can then be done multiple times by an assortment of students.

Insect Matching Printables

Below are the insect matching printables for the insect matching activity

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Insect Matching Activity for Young Children
March 9, 2020
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