Animal Teeth Crafting Activity for Young Children

.Chloe Thompson
Animal Teeth Crafting Activity for Young Children

Animal Teeth Crafting Activity for Young Children

At Little One's Preschool in Lakeville, Indiana, they did a clever crafting activity about their teeth! The class read a book about young children who lose who two front baby teeth titled, "What if You Had Animal Teeth."

The book talks about how when you lose your teeth normally that means two normal teeth will grow in to replace them, but then this book asked students to imagine what it would look like if an animal's teeth grew into their mouths instead! With this in mind, the class did their fun teeth crafting activity.

Imaginging Having Animal Teeth

The students made an image that looked like them out of construction paper and googly eyes. After they finished gluing it together they took white paper and put it in their portrait's mouth, with the white paper in different shapes like assorted animal teeth! Some students imagined having big fangs, others a long tusk, and some even made an image of if they had teeth like a rabbit!

It was a very creative activity and everyone had fun imagining their mouths' full of different animal teeth!

Printable Animal Teeth Activity

There are six sheets total–three with faces and three with a wide assortment of exciting animal teeth (+7 sheets of black-and-white version). Click here to see more

You also can purchase these sheets at this website!

Little Ones' Preschool
Lakeville, IN, United States

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Animal Teeth Crafting Activity for Young Children
March 1, 2020
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