Wet Sand Sensory Bins

.Natalie Martinez
Wet Sand Sensory Bins

Wet Sand Sensory Bins

At Big Top Child Development Center they experienced the textures of sand in a unique way--they got the sand wet and put their feet in it! This was a fun twist on usual sensory bins and a great way to cool off on a hot Summer day.

Materials needed for the wet sand sensory bins

To do this sensory bin activity you will need:

  • Bins/containers
  • Sandbox sand
  • Water

How to enjoy the wet sand sensory bins

To enjoy these wet sand sensory bins follow these steps:

  1. Begin by filling each bin with the same amount of sand.
  2. Start adding water to each sand bin--add more in some and less in others so they are different levels of wet.
  3. Have the children put their feet in the wet sand sensory bins!
  4. Ask the children questions about which bins they think are wetter and which are less.
  5. Clean-up when done!

Source for photos Big Top Child Development Center

Wet Sand Sensory Bins
July 26, 2020
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