Sand Play During a Pandemic

Lori Wright
Sand Play During a Pandemic

Sand Play During a Pandemic

In Pre-K, Sand and Water play is a big deal. Our kids love it and have have asked it!

We decided to make individual sand boxes for our little humans to play in. The above pic is our first attempt. We purchased large storage containers from Dollar Tree and filled the bowls with 2-3 cups of kinetic sand. We added some measuring spoons and cups to give them something to dig with and fill up. With Halloween being just around the corner, we buried some small plastic spider rings as a surprise for them to find.

After a couple of days, we added some plastic trays we had in the room to help contain the sand and to give the kids more room to play.

We plan to change out the sand periodically. Using basic play sand, fake snow and other sensory items just to give them a new experience. One idea I'm excited to try is pom poms. They're so soft and squishy. Who wouldn't love just running their hands though a container of them!

So simple and possibly the best idea we've has so far this year!

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Sand Play During a Pandemic
October 14, 2020
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