Bingo with a Twist - Number Tracing Worksheets

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Bingo with a Twist - Number Tracing Worksheets

Bingo with a Twist - Number Tracing Worksheets

Number bingo is a classic game that preschoolers love to play. But why not add a fun twist to it and combine the game with the practice of tracing numbers? Your students will love it!

The game is played like regular bingo, but each bingo card has eight numbers from 1 to 20. Before playing, instruct each child to draw their own bingo card, color it, and trace the numbers. This adds a personal touch to the activity and makes it more exciting for the kids.

Number Bingo Cards Free Printable

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Download the bingo card templates from our website and have the children color and trace the numbers. This activity helps with number recognition and tracing skills while still having fun with the game.

Download: Bingo card 1, Bingo card 2

Download: Bingo card 3, Bingo card 4

We would like to thank "A Child's PLACE Preschool & Daycare" for inspiring this activity and sharing the photo on their social media page.

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Bingo with a Twist - Number Tracing Worksheets
April 5, 2023
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