Number One and Number Two Worksheets

Number One and Number Two Worksheets

Number One and Number Two Worksheets

These worksheets all are themed for the first two numbers that we learn when counting--the number one and the number two. By doing these worksheets, little ones can become familiar with numbers in a fun manner!

1 and 2 identification worksheets

These worksheets have children work at counting-up one and two of something, writing the numbers, and identifying where they belong.

1 and 2 drawing and tracing

These worksheets are focused on having kids draw and trace the numbers one and two.

I spy worksheets

These worksheets are all about, "Spying," the numbers one and two.

1 giraffe worksheet

This worksheet (in color and black-and-white) features a giraffe helping children to trace and find the number 1 in the puzzle so that they color it.

Find and color 2

This worksheet (in color and black-and-white) is about finding the number 2 in the pictures below and coloring it in.

How to download and print pictures

You can download these puzzle houses of1 to 5 on our website without having to pay anything simply by adding a post of your own with photos of the activities you did with your children. For more details on kinds of posts to add, click here.

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Number One and Number Two Worksheets
November 22, 2020
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