Number Worksheets on Numbers 1-5

Number Worksheets on Numbers 1-5

Number Worksheets on Numbers 1-5

These worksheets are focused upon the numbers 1-5 and are designed to assist young children who are learning about these numbers through a variety of fun activities! All the worksheets are available in both color and black-and-white as seen below.

Number 1 Worksheet

For this worksheet about the number 1, children practice tracing the number and then need to find the 1 hidden within a puzzle and color it in.

Number 2 Worksheet

On this worksheet the number 2 needs to be found in various puzzles and then at the bottom there is a section where children can practice tracing the number.

Number 3 Worksheet

This worksheet with the number 3 has children needing to color-in the 3 so it matches the other spots, only coloring the 3 in a jumble of numbers, and practicing tracing 3.

Number 4 Worksheet

For the number 4 worksheet children need to correct images that are, "Hung-up," as needed so that they match with the number 4. Then, children trace 4 at the bottom of the worksheet as well.

Number 5 Worksheet

This number 5 worksheet has children coloring matching groups of 5 and working on their tracing of the number at the bottom of the sheet.

1-5 Identification

This worksheet has children needing to count the images and identify if they are showing 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 of something.

How to download and print worksheets

You can download these worksheets without having to pay anything simply by adding a post of your own with photos of the activities you did with your children. For more details on kinds of posts to add, click here.

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Number Worksheets on Numbers 1-5
December 7, 2020
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