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Book Costume Parade

Abeer Faisal
Book Costume Parade

The children were asked to dress up in the costumes of their favourite character from a story book. The students were very excited to play dress up and they all came up with a variety of wonderful costumes.

They then paraded their costumes in front of parents, teachers and other students. They also told the audience which character they are dressed up as and why they like the particular character.

Afterwards the children with best costumes were given certificates and a small token of appreciation.

Such activities not only show the creativity of the students but also give them confidence to present themselves in front of an audience. Futhermore, the students get a sense of competition and also learn that it is not always possible to win but they need to give their best and be happy for others who win.

Book Costume Parade
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Book Costume Parade
September 10, 2022
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