Butterfly Egg Counting Activity

Butterfly Egg Counting Activity

Butterfly Egg Counting Activity

This activity is ideal to review numbers, practice hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. the supplies we need are: watering globes for plants, butterfly cut out, tape, tongs, numbers cut outs, a bowl and flowers cut outs.

Use the watering globes for plants as butterfly eggs, cut the butterfly and cover it with tape so water won't damage it. Print or draw flowers cover them too with tape. Put the watering globes in a bowl with tongs. Put the flowers and the butterfly on the floor, explain kids they have to take out the eegs using the tongs. Put the numbers you want to review in a bag, ask kids to take out a number without looking at it. Put the number next to the butterfly, ask kids t say the number, then kids have to take out the indicated number of eggs using the tong. When they finish, have them count the eggs.

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Butterfly Egg Counting Activity
September 29, 2021
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