Butterfly Life-cycle Activity for Preschoolers

.Sophia Williams
Butterfly Life-cycle Activity for Preschoolers

This is definitely a unique way to explain and even demonstrate the life cycles of butterflies, and the cocoon stage in particular.

At Lizzy's Little Love Bugs Home Daycare and Preschool they discussed how, "C," can stand for both caterpillar and cocoon, two steps that lead to the final stage of a butterfly! To help illustrate how caterpillars go fromcrawling on the ground, to living in a cocoon before they turn into butterflies you can do this clever and unique activity!

The Butterfly Life Cycle Craft

Cocoon Simulation

Have students wrap themselves in toilet paper, then once they feel it is around them tight discuss how caterpillars do this as a cocoon that allows them to transform into butterflies. Next, have your preschoolers break-out of their cocoons and if they want they can pretend to be butterflies flapping their wings/arms.

Caterpillar Craft Costume

You can have students make their own caterpillar costumes out of craft paper, some string, scissors, and glue (and with an adult's help). Tell them they can base their design off of a book such as, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar," or make their own design! Once the student's decide help them to cut circles and shapes to make a caterpillar's head, body, and legs. Then assist them in gluing and stringing their pieces together!

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Butterfly Life-cycle Activity for Preschoolers
September 20, 2019
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