Christmas Classroom Decoration Ideas

.Emily Davis
Christmas Classroom Decoration Ideas

Christmas-themed classroom decorations

The full-day preschool program at Options for Learning in Covina, California has some amazing images to share of their Christmas-themed classroom decorations!

One fantastic display was how they created a simulate living room complete with a Christmas tree, presents, stockings, milk and cookies (for Santa) and of course a big chimney for Santa to slide down!

Christmas classroom decorations

Another awesome assortment of decorations involved a line-up full of snowmen and trees, plus a fireplace to warm-up by which had the, "Fire," made from student's traced handprints. Plus, a gorgeously decorated tree with some lovely ornaments. It is a clever mixture of, "Cold," snow and a warm fire!

Winter wonderland classroom decoration

The hallway at Options for Learning was truly a Winter wonderland, full of snowmen made from construction paper, candy canes, lollipops, and plenty of beautiful streamers. Walking down this hallway felt like stepping into a magical and otherworldly place.

The Polar Express decoration

Many children love that famous book, "The Polar Express," and one other amazing decoration example to draw inspiration from would be the, "Station," for that famous train! Complete with a ticket booth and hot chocolate stand, students couldn't wait to hear, 'All aboard," the train. With so many wonderful ideas found at Options for Learning, you're sure to see some motivation for your own decor!

Options for Learning

Covina, CA

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Christmas Classroom Decoration Ideas
December 29, 2019
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