Rainforest-Themed Classroom Decoration Ideas

Rainforest-Themed Classroom Decoration Ideas

Rainforest-Themed Classroom Decoration Ideas

At New Beginnings Preschool, they made some fun rainforest-themed classroom decorations. They were beautiful and showed off all the eco-diversity found in rainforests. The children enjoyed discussing how amazing a place rainforests are.

Rainforest diorama

The class collaborated to make a rainforest diorama. It was quite an intricate and impressive sight to see.

Colorful frogs

The students learned how the very colorful frogs in the rainforest are in fact very dangerous. Known as poison dart frogs, the kids made their own out of their favorite bright colors!

Measurement snakes

The teacher measured the students' height and then helped them make snakes as long as they were tall! It was a great way to combine learning math and doing art!

Source for photos: New Beginnings Preschool and this post.

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Rainforest-Themed Classroom Decoration Ideas
May 10, 2021
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