Rainforest and Desert Habitat Theme for the Classroom

Olivia Johnson
Rainforest and Desert Habitat Theme for the Classroom

At First Step Childcare Center in Watertown, Massachusetts they spent the month of February talking about animals and their habitats!

They spent one week comparing the rainforest to the desert and the students had a fantastic time doing assorted learning activities! Check them out below!

Rainforests and Deserts

For the rainforest habitat, students enjoyed playing by and inside a rainforest tree. There were multiple stuffed animals to interact with too, such as a monkey and a big, scary snake!

The children practiced their balance on pretend tree stumps and read books about the jungle as well. Also, there was a play-spot with assorted animal figurines that had animals found in the rainforest!

When it came to the desert habitat there were books to read there too, as well as a play-spot with figurines of animals found in the desert--like camels! A tray of sand students could trace in with toy cacti was available too for additional hands-on fun.

The students had a great time exploring these two different habitats and learning all about them!

First Step Childcare Center
Watertown, MA, United States

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Rainforest and Desert Habitat Theme for the Classroom
February 5, 2020
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