Mystery Solving Theme for the Classroom

Mystery Solving Theme for the Classroom

Mystery Solving Theme for the Classroom

At Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School, the class was transformed for an exciting theme all about solving a mystery! The idea was that a, "Crime," had been committed--the class pet was stolen! In order to help find the pet, students needed to become, "Secret agents," and do various educational tasks to find the class pet. Once they were granted access to the classroom AKA, "Crime scene," the kiddos heard the ransom note, decoded their agent name, spotted clues, and successfully completed the mission to save their class pet. It was a job well done by the agents!

Making Your Own Mystery

You can create a mystery for students to solve in your own classroom as a fun theme too! Basically, all you need to do is create some kind of, "Mystery," and then have themed activities geared towards solving that mystery just like this classroom did! Here are some photos of the mystery-solving students at work:

It was such a fun themed activity!

Source for photos: Out Lady of Fatima Catholic School

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Mystery Solving Theme for the Classroom
February 28, 2021
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