Desert Worksheets

Desert Worksheets

Desert Worksheets

These desert worksheets are all themed for those hot and sandy landscapes! These are a great way to learn various subjects while tying them in with a desert theme.

More or Less

Count and compare. Draw a sign more > or less <

For this worksheet, you draw a greater than (>) or less than (<) sign to indicate which is larger/has more of the images.

Sand Dune Tracing

Sand Dune Tracing. Count the dunes. Trace an even number in blue, and an odd number in red.

For this worksheet, you need to count the total number of sand dunes and then tace them in blue if there is an even number and red if the total is an odd number.

Creatures in the Desert

Creatures in the desert. Find and outline all the animals: varanus, house, cactus flower, turtle, jerboas, scorpion, pyramids, woodpecker, beetle scarabee, snake, owl.

This worksheet has an assortment of animals for children to identify and outline once they locate them!


Snakes. Count and color snakes by the matching total number of cells

To do this worksheet you need to count the total number of cells a snake has and then fill in the cells with the matching image that has that number represented.

Vulture on a Tree

Vultures on a tree. Write down how many birds are sitting on the left branch, on the middle branch, and on the right branch.

This worksheet has you needing to count-up and write how many vultures are on each branch of the tree.

Baby Turtles

Baby turtles. Count and write the total numbers of eggs, baby turtles on the sand, and adult turtles in the water.

For this worksheet, you need to count the total number of eggs, baby turtles on the sand, and the adult turtles in the water and note them down.

How to download Worksheets

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Desert Worksheets
September 14, 2020
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