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Weather Worksheets

Weather Worksheets

Weather Worksheets

These weather worksheets are great free printables to use in your classroom when the time comes to talk with your students about all the kinds of weather that exist--and tie-in other important lessons using the theme of weather as well!

Free Printable Worksheets

Weather Tracing

For this worksheet students need to trace the words used to describe various weather elements from rainbows to icicles. Once students are done tracing they can color-in the images too!

Cut-and-Paste Weather Worksheet

To do this worksheet students cut-out the various descriptions for kinds of weather at the bottom of the worksheet and then paste them in the correct square below the image of the weather itself--e.g. they would paste, "Sunny," under the picture of the shining sun.

Rain and Umbrella Tracing Worksheet

On this worksheet students trace the lines to make an umbrella that can withstand the rain they also get to trace. Once they are done with the tracing the rainstorm can be colored-in as well!

Rainbow Tracing Worksheets

After tracing a storm and the lines of a rainbow then students can work to make sure they create an accurate rainbow like the kinds they see in real-life,or if they want the students can color-in a wild and zany rainbow of their own imagining!

Lowercase Matching Worksheet

This worksheet has a sun with the uppercase version of a letter and then cloud with the lowercase version. These clouds need to be cut-out and then pasted in the proper spot so that they are with their match.

How to Download the File Package

The file package with all Weather Worksheets  can all be downloaded completely for free! Just click here to learn how to get them at no cost to you!

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Weather Worksheets
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