Clothing in Weather

Jessica Jane Bryan
Clothing in Weather

The weather outside changes each and every day. Some days it is snowy, and your mom makes you wear a hat. On other days it is rainy, and you get to wear your new rain boots. Would you wear a winter jacket when it was sunny? That’s silly right because we would be too hot. The weather outside determines the clothing we wear!

As you look at the different pictures, you are going to notice the clothing students are wearing in the different kinds of weather. What type of clothing are the people wearing? Why do you think they are wearing that? I will explain that you wear a hat in the snow to keep your ears warm, you wear a tank top in the sun because it is hot, and you wear your rain boots because your shoes will not get wet and ruined.

Guided Practice (the teacher and students working together):

Make a class weather chart using paper or the whiteboard. Ask the students to think of as many kinds of weather as they can, referring back to the song as needed, and record the answers on the chart. I will then ask the students to identify clothing that they would wear during the different types of weather, and record the answers on the chart.

What are the different types of weather?

The weather outside changes day to day. The weather could be sunny, rainy, snowy, and cloudy. (Demonstrate)

What are examples of clothing that you wear during each type of weather?

Exactly! There are so many options for you to choose! (Demonstrate)

How can we tell what clothing to wear for the day?

Lets think! First we have to gather our information. We can do this by observing what the outside looks and feels like. By doing this, you are able to decide what you should wear!

Why is the right clothing in weather something important?

Wearing the right clothing and gear helps with productivity and safety.

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Clothing in Weather
April 7, 2021
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